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Global Youth Leadership Center has joined forces with the World Bank’s Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA), a key player in civil society-led social change. The partnership aims to foster youth leadership in climate-vulnerable countries in the Global South through online education focused on climate leadership, green skills, and social accountability.

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What are the project’s objectives?

The primary objectives include expanding the knowledge of participating youth about climate science, building their leadership skills, and engaging them in climate action with a specific focus on climate finance. The partnership is especially relevant for both GPSA and GYLC, as GPSA aspires to play a leadership role in empowering civil society supporting youth to have a voice in climate decisions affecting their lives, while GYLC aims to educate Global South youth on holding their national governments accountable for the allocation of loss and damage funds.

Who is this for?

The pilot phase of the project is set to target youth in Ghana, Cameroon, Namibia, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

When will course
enrollment begin?

The online course will be open for enrollment
in July 2024.

Recent programs

Harnessing Youth as Catalysts for Climate Action and Accountability

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

A joint World Bank's GPSA and GYLC session discussed mobilizing youth for climate action and launched the Green Accountability Youth Initiative (GAYI). 

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